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The clinic is intended for both children and adults. The dentist is doing everything to make you feel like home.

Every adult remains a child at heart, isn’t it? The dentist Clementine Dreyfuss embraces this philosophy at work. Specialized for years in dental malocclusions, she is treating it from the earliest age (3 years old), with dento-facial orthopaedics techniques and then orthodontics (with fixed braces for example). Thanks to her global vision, she will be able to guide you towards the best solutions.

The Clinic

At the cutting edge of technology, the clinic offers cares with the most modern facilities: the sterilization of equipment; the computing system for an efficient use of data; and the digital radiology for a quality imagery, 3D digital impressions for better visualization of the explanations provided by the dentist to the patients.

Several qualifications are offered: general dentistry, paediatric dentistry, dento-facial orthopaedics, orthodontics.

The doctor practises in a convivial setting where the fear of the dentist is excluded. From the welcome to the cares of the patient, young and old alike feel comfortable.

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Several qualifications exist: general dentistry, pedodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, orthodontics.
They are carried out in a friendly environment where fear of the dentist is excluded. From reception to care, the patient, young or old, feels confident.

General Dentistry. Clementine dental clinic - Dentist in Uccle

General Dentistry

The general dentistry can be broken down into the prevention and hygiene, the cares, the descaling, the root treatment, the tooth extraction, the emergencies and the bruxism.

Learning of different teeth brushing techniques and dental check-up (with intrabuccal radiology and panoramic x-ray) to safeguard his oral health. It is recommended to go to the dentist at least once a year.

Dental cares are needed following a tooth deterioration (such as cavity, wear, fracture or accident). The tooth deficiency is filled with different materials: resin, gold, porcelain. You dentist will recommend you the most suitable solution: composite, onlay, dental crown, bridge, facet, removable prosthesis, etc.

“Cleaning” of teeth. It is more precisely the action of removing the tartar all around the tooth with the help of ultrasound. The presence of tartar can lead to a gum inflammation and to a bleeding during the teeth brushing. As opposed to the dental plaque, the tartar cannot be eliminated with a toothbrush

Soins Dentaire: la dent

“Removal of the tooth nerve”. In reality, devitalize is the action of cleaning under local anaesthetic the pulp (located in the root) which contains the nerves and blood vessels. Then, we close the pulp with a material called gutta-percha.

The devitalization is carried out in a cabinet external to that of Mrs. Dreyfuss only provided for this purpose

After having tried all possible solutions to keep a tooth, there may be no other choice than pulling it out. In order to keep the right balance of all the teeth (to avoid the teeth to come loose or safeguard the bone structure) it is important to replace the missing tooth by a removable prosthesis or by a fixed prosthesis such as implant or bridge.

The habit of gritting or grinding the teeth. This can lead in the mid to long term to a wear of the enamel and then to dentin of the tooth, with consequences of increased tooth sensitivity. It is important to discuss as soon as possible with your dentist and find solutions to rectify the dental loss by the manufacturing of an aligner for example.

Paediatric Dentistry

The paediatric dentistry is the chosen filed of expertise of the clinic: the child should not be scared of his dentist, therefore the first visit will be dedicated to the “play of the clinic” and to the learning of teeth brushing techniques. Your dentist will already be attentive to potential dental malocclusion, diction or breathing problems. The first contact between the child and his dentist is essential in order to ease the cares and treatments. After the first visit, the child can require the same cares as an adult.

Paediatric dentistry. Clementine dental clinic - Dentist in Uccle
Ortopedics dentistry. Clementine dental clinic - Dentist in Uccle

Dento-Facial Orthopedics

The dento-facial orthopedics help benefit from the bone development in order to prevent and correct functional dental problems: lack of space for the teeth, pain in the TMJ (temporomandibular joint).

First with retainers in resin, then with fixed orthodontic braces, the child acquires from the start a good swallowing and diction. The child will then loose his bad habits caught from the earliest age (3-10 years old), such as the use of baby pacifiers or thumb-sucking habits.


The orthodontics make it possible to move the permanent teeth in order to correct dental malocclusions. Several techniques exist: metal braces or ceramic braces with clear brackets and mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign.

Example of ceramic braces with clear brackets & clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign
Ceramic vs Invisalign
Orthodontics. Clementine dental clinic - Dentist in Uccle


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